AmsterdamMassageCenter does not give medical treatments. In case of medical complaints you need to consult your doctor or medical specialist before scheduling a massage treatment. AmsterdamMassageCenter does not perform erotic massages, inquiries during a massage treatment are not appreciated.
AmsterdamMassageCenter cannot be held responsible for material and/or immaterial damages as a result of the treatment.

Intake and your health
In case of medical complaints, treatment by a doctor or specialist or usage of medicine which can influence your reactions, need to be passed on to us prior to your massage treatment.
Important to women: if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant it is crucial that you mention this to us. Also in case of difficulties during your pregnancy.
You are responsible for communicating and transferring all important information about your health.

Contra indications
Contra indications are reasons why someone cannot (absolute) or partially (relative) have a massage therapy or treatment, unless approved by doctor or specialist. If you are not sure or in doubt always consult your doctor or specialist. To ensure that you can take a massage treatment or therapy we will conduct a short intake prior to each massage treatment or therapy. If our massage therapists are not, false or not completely informed, we cannot be held liable for any damages as a consequence of the massage treatment or therapy.
Absolute contra indications:
fever, influenza, diseases with high metabolism, infections, vascular diseases, psoriasis, cancer, trombosis, use of anti depressives, antibiotics and inflammatory drugs, extreme fatique and (planned) pregnancy.
Relative contra indications:
open wounds, pregnancy, infections, trauma and varicose vains.
Ofcourse any use of alcohol and drugs is excluded.

All your personal and medical information are never transferred to others, without your written approval. AmsterdamMassageCenter withholds the right to refuse a client of treatment or repeat treatments.

Cancellation of a treatment is until 24 hrs by phone or e-mail prior the appointment possible.
In case of cancellation within 24 hrs we are entitled to the costs of the massage treatment of therapy. This also applies for too late cancelled appointments with massage giftvouchers; these are fall due. In case of too late arrival on the scheduled appointment, we charge the full amount. Each treatment or therapy needs to be paid afterwards in cash. You will receive an invoice.

Massage giftvouchers
The giftvoucher can only be used for massage treatmenst and therapies at AmsterdamMassageCenter. The vouchers expires after one year after the emission date and cannot be changed for cash. A massage gift voucher order through e-mail cannot be cancelled. We only accept original issued giftvouchers (no copies) and are not responsible and cannot compensate for lost vouchers.
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